Where we started

Luigi's Pizzeria began as a labor of love for cancer patients in the Ward's backyard pizza oven. It has grown to a thriving business in two Houston locations, soon to be three!

As a first generation Italian immigrant and child of the second world war, Luigi's founder Luisa Ward knew the privations of war well. With hope in her heart and a vision for a better life, Luisa emigrated to America from her native Italy, to build a life and family in her newly adopted homeland.

With a career spent working with cancer patients, and at an age when most people were making their retirement plans, Luisa began serving homemade pizza to her cancer patients in the Texas medical center from her backyard pizza oven.

Word of Luisa's fame quickly spread.

Hundreds of 'Hey, you should open a pizzeria!' comments later, at age 67, Luisa set out to make her dreams come true. Her husband Bruce joined her in her endeavour.

Although there were skeptics, Luisa and Bruce pressed forward, knowing that with their determination, hard work and Luisa's natural charm and graciousness, they could make their dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs come true.

First came Luigi's Midtown, in 2008, and five years later, a second location, in Bellaire.

Eight years later, Luisa's dream and Luigi's Pizzeria are still going strong.

Both Luisa and Bruce finally decided to retire in 2016. Fom their new home in the Canary Islands, they continue to watch over the business, now in the able hands of their children, who will carry on the labor of love in the heart of Houston.

Luisa's and Bruce's lessons to us all are that no matter the dream and no matter the age, in America, they can come true!